Twitter convinced Bristol Rovers have appointed 80s comic as goalkeeping coach

A football team has announced their new goalkeeping coach – but everyone thinks its a famous 1980s comic.

Bristol Rovers were proud to present David Coles as their latest staff member but many social media users think he is a dead ringer for renowned funnyman Bobby Davro.

The League One side said on Friday: "The club is pleased to announce the appointment of David Coles as goalkeeping coach.

"Coles has a vast amount of coaching experience, working in both the Premier League and Championship, taking in spells coaching at Southampton, Portsmouth, West Ham United and Bristol City."

But Bristol Rovers fans and social media were not having any of it and spotted the likeness to Davro instantly.

One wrote: "Someone's having us on here because that's clearly f***ing Bobby Davro."

Another joked: "Have Bristol Rovers hired Bobby Davro. I wondered what he was doing these days!"

And a third added: "Looks more like Bobby Davro than Bobby Davro."

David Coles, 56, enjoyed a 13-year playing career from 1981 to 1994 before becoming a goalkeeping coach.

Davro, born Robert Christopher Nankeville, rose to prominence in his 1980s heyday with a number of live Saturday night shows.

As his star waned he featured on EastEnders and appeared on a number of reality television shows including Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Big Brother.

Many Twitter users were convinced he had found his next gig as the goalkeeping coach of Bristol Rovers as Bobby Davro's name trended on the social media network.

One wrote: "Lockdown has forced a lot of people to retrain but I've got to admit I never saw Bobby Davro leaving the show business world to become a goalkeeper coach at Bristol Rovers."

One fan commented: "I saw this and thought 'He looks a lot like Bobby Davro' and wondered if anyone else had noticed it.

"Basically everyone who has quote tweeted this has said we've signed Bobby Davro."

Another wrote: "Bobby Davro is trending purely because everyone is saying this bloke looks like Bobby Davro, which he does."

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