Trump and Melania trolled as ex-president takes flight in downgraded private jet

Donald and Melania Trump have been mocked for flying on a "run-of-the-mill" plane since leaving the White House.

The former US president, 74, was targeted by social media users after being seen boarding a "regular", ageing private jet from Trump Tower in New York to Florida on Tuesday.

More accustomed to the travelling on the luxurious presidential Air Force One aircraft, the sight of Trump entering the 24-year-old Cessna Citation X plane also drew criticism from experts.

In an article for Forbes Magazine, private jet specialist Doug Gollan wrote: “Donald Trump was recently spotted boarding a mere run-of-the-mill everyman type private jet.

“The former commander-in-chief’s ride would still be out of reach for most of us, yet, it’s the type of aircraft where you need to bend your neck if you stand-up.

“You might even feel your hair brushing up against the cabin ceiling.”

Mr Trump was spotted entering what appeared to be a Cessna Citation X plane which Mr Gollan called “a super-midsize business jet”, the Daily Express reports.

He claimed “it’s just a regular private jet” and “more likely to see action on the charter market than as a billionaire’s chariot”.

Mr Gollan added how the tail number on the former President’s jet suggests it’s a 1997 version registered to the Trump Organisation.

Social media users took to Twitter in reaction to Mr Trump’s downgraded private jet.

One Twitter user commented: “Oh, how the mighty have fallen…he obviously can't afford to get his own jet out of mothball storage.”

Another user wrote: “Poor baby – a 24-year-old airplane? Guess he can’t afford a better one, eh?”

A third user posted: “Life as we all know can change on a dime.

“Guess the former guy is needing to make some adjustments.”

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During his presidency, Mr Trump placed a heavy importance on redesigning the new generation Air Force One.

He even threatened to cancel a contract with the aerospace company Boeing when he took office and negotiated changes.

Mr Trump involved himself in the paint job and scrapped design elements that dated back to the Kennedy administration.

At the start of President Joe Biden’s term, the White House was questioned over whether he would ditch the new paint job.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Mr Biden “has not spent a moment” thinking about the colour scheme for the plane.

Mr Trump's recent private jet sighting on Tuesday came as the former President left Trump Tower in New York to return to Florida.

It was his first trip back to the Big Apple since the end of his presidency in January.

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