Train kills three dads after hitting car carrying four ‘blindsided’ men

Three families have been torn apart after a train hit a carload of dads.

Four men were in the car at the time of the crash, and they were "blindsided" by the train.

All but one of the dads died in the collision. The survivor remains in hospital and is fighting for his life.

The tragic accident occurred in Kansas on Saturday night. Local police identified the three men who died as Kevin Corbin, 40, Troy Hamlin, 40 and Brent Moroney, 37.

They all had wives and children, who have been torn apart following the incident.

Matthew Smith, one of Moroney's closest friends took to social media to say what happened.

“Brent and three of his neighbours went to look at a property early Saturday evening,” Smith wrote.

“The property they were touring had train tracks on it that I can only assume they thought were inactive.

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“It’s believed they crossed the tracks once to get to one side of the property, and when they crossed the tracks a second time they were blindsided by an oncoming train.”

He said Moroney was his "best friend in this world".

“He touched countless lives through his kindness and ability to know no stranger.

“He was a devoted father, husband, son, brother and friend to many, and his family is hurting very badly right now.”

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