Tragedy as dad froze to death trying to walk home after car broke down in snowstorm

A dad-of-one who went missing after leaving his car to try and walk home during a snow blizzard was found dead three days later.

The body of Jacob Whaley was found on Friday roughly 200 yards from where his family thought he could be after he vanished last Monday in Louisa County, Virginia, US.

The 34-year-old, described as being so kind that he would give the shirt off his back to a stranger, had sent a final haunting text to his mum telling her that he was lost.

Mr Whaley decided to walk nearly six miles home after his car slid into a ditch due to icy road conditions as some parts of the county experienced 14 inches of snow.

He was trekking through the woods to do so to get back to his two-year-old son Jacob Dawson.

His sister Angela Whaley told WTVR : "He was trying to find a path through the woods because there is a neighbourhood that he lives that he could've gotten to and walked right across the street and been able to get home."

But during the journey temperatures plummeted to a freezing 17 degrees and his phone died on the trek home.

"He got out to walk because the power is out. He couldn't see houses or street names. His phone was only on 14 percent when he started to walk. He got lost. He wasn't that far from the house," Angela said.

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After Mr Whaley texted his mother shortly before 9pm his family alerted the Louisa County Sheriff's Office and a search party was sent out to find him.

The Sheriff's Office said it "immediately responded to the family's request to check both the roadside area along Greene's Corner Road, the roadways in between and his residence," but they did not find Mr Whaley.

His body was found roughly 200 yards from where his family said he would be after several days of searching in a pine tree thicket.

After Mr Whaley's body was found his family had to break the tragic discovery to his dad who "screamed" as he heard the news.

Mr Whaley's family are now accusing the police of not doing enough to find to him and held a protest outside the sheriff's office on Saturday.

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His heartbroken mum Shannon Whaley told The New York Times : "I'm so angry with this county. All they had to do was go out and holler for him."

The Louisa County Sheriff's Office said Mr Whaley's body was found in a "very dense pine plantation".

Chief Deputy Ronnie Roberts, told The New York Times on Saturday: "This was a very heavily wooded area off the road that the search team had a hard time getting through.

"Our county had 100 per cent power outage and impassable roads."

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