Torturers kept men as slaves and set ones head on fire and made him bark

Two sick men who kept vulnerable people as "slaves" and tortured them have been jailed.

Thugs Roheed Ahmed and Kameron Hussain targeted three men and subjected them to a sadistic abuse campaign including beating them and setting one's head on fire.

The men also shaved their victim's heads and took away their wallets and bank cards, BirminghamLive reported.

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Ahmed, 22, and Hussain 23, were each handed a nine-year-eight-month sentence after a trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court, with a further three years on extended licence, for three counts of false imprisonment, racially aggravated assault, two counts of assault, possessing an article and theft.

Ahmed also had another charge of assault.

Their first victim was discharged from hospital in 2021 and suffered mental health problems before ending up living in a Wolverhampton flat with Hussain, Ahmed and others, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Ahmed and others "used the flat as their own" and ordered around those who were there, forcing the victims to make cups of tea and give food massages.

Meanwhile, the victim was reportedly "plied with drugs" and threats were made against both him and his dog.

The victim was told he owed money for the drugs that were reportedly forced on him and funds were withdrawn from his bank account.

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His head was shaved and he was even forced to strip off his clothes and run outside naked. The sadists then beat him with sticks and made him "bark like a dog".

His head was then set on fire after a form of accelerant was poured over him. He was told he would be killed if he didn't stay.

The victim worked during the day but went back to the flat where his torturers lived.

He said how it went "from really bad to unbelievably bad".

The torture finally stopped when the defendants took the victim to Asda in Walsall, where staff called police after his haggard appearance made them worry for his wellbeing.

Police stopped their car and made the victim go to hospital.

Officers said the victim looked like he had been "in a boxing match".

The defendants were arrested but later bailed.

The second victim was also staying in the flat and was living there in October 2021 when the first victim left.

Hussain and Ahmed were "angry" the victim had managed to get away and claimed he had lost them £16,000.

The second victim's phone and wallet.

He was forced to stand in a corner where both defendants would punch him, and he was made to give the men foot massages.

He was forced to strip and get into a bathtub where his head was shaved and he had his "genitals punched".

Hussain even called himself "Killer Kam."

The owner of the flat also became a victim of Ahmed's vile behaviour.

The men "took over his flat" and threatened to stab him.

Judge Butterfield KC said: "The victims both suffered mental health problems and most likely both suffered from addiction issues that left them without a proper home.

"Each man was highly vulnerable, the two of you took advantage to enslave and abuse them, the level of vile treatment was at times equivalent to torture."

Mr Jas Mann, defending Ahmed, said the defendant "was and still is a very young man," while Mr Justin Jarmola, defending Hussain, said the second culprit has autism and has an IQ of just 67, according to a psychological report.

He added: "He is 23 so he is still a young man."

Detective Constable Moorhouse, from Force CID, said: “The degradation and humiliation these men suffered was inhuman. They were completely controlled and treated worse than animals.

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“They also reported that there had been others who had suffered the same abuse.

"There could be no motive for this other than some sort of perverted pleasure and they have been quite rightly put behind bars.

"I hope that their victims are now getting the full care and support they need.”


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