Tiny puppy has jaw ripped off by two XL American bullies in horror dog attack

A tiny Jack Russell had its jaw bitten off in a horror attack by two XL American bullies.

Greg McCosker was walking his 11-month-old puppy George in Princes Park, Liverpool, when the miniature Jack Russell was attacked and its jaw was snapped off, only hanging by skin on both sides.

George had to undergo four hours of surgery to have his jaw rebuilt, with the aid of pins and an external metal cage.

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Puppy owner Greg, 35, admitted it was his fault his dog was attacked, by allowing him off the lead.

"I had him off the lead with his harness on, but he suddenly took off and I called after him, but being a puppy his recall wasn't the best," said Greg.

“He passed two XL bulldogs. They were on the lead and basically, George got too close and startled them.

"One of them literally pinned him down and both me and the owner were trying to get him off.

"I had my hand inside the dog’s mouth and eventually he released him, and George ran away."

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"The bone was broken entirely and the whole of my arm was covered in his blood," he said.

“I grabbed his mouth and held it together as best I could."

When arriving at the vets, head veterinary nurse Nikki Butterworth told Greg she had "never seen anything to this extent" before.

Nikki said: "He was lucky that he was so young and the bone wasn’t fully developed at that stage."

The puppy had his whole head shaved before being fitted an external fixator, which supports side of his jaw to hold the bone together in the right place until it healed.

“George had to walk around with them for six weeks to allow the bone to heal, taking care not to dislodge them. After the operation, he quickly became a puppy again," added Nikki.

Greg said: "George stays on the lead now and in a couple of months we’re starting dog training to work on his recall.

"He’s made a full recovery which is unbelievable."


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