TikTok hack sees students use juice to get false positive Covid test to bunk off

A TikTok craze allegedly spreading among students shows "how to get a false positive" result on a coronavirus lateral flow test, according to a secondary school.

In a video uploaded by user @leanne_kenz she shows fruit juice being poured on the testing kit and then two lines appear in the results window.

The lines are the "positive" test for Covid-19 and the control which should indicate the test has worked properly.

It was watched more than 400,000 times on the video-sharing app and the TikToker said: "Who knew using blackcurrant on a lateral flow Covid test will give a positive result. You will thank me later."

Gateacre School in Belle Vale, Liverpool, emailed parents yesterday warning about the "hack" pupils may be using when they take lateral flow tests, Mail Online reports.

The email read: "Nationally, some school students have discovered that placing droplets of orange juice or other fruit juice on an LFD test gets a false 'positive' result.

"In light of this, can you be extra vigilant when your child is doing their LFD tests.

"Also, remind them that a positive LFD test must be followed by a confirmatory PCR test."

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It is likely the so-called "trick" was discovered because the instructions warn not to do the test straight after eating or drinking, as it can give a false positive.

The acids in fruit juice dissolve antibody proteins on the surface of the testing stick.

As the school pointed out, tricksters would not get much time off school or work because they would still have to take a more accurate PCR test to confirm they really have Covid.

Other people blasted the idea on TikTok for wasting resources and potentially leading to false data, although some admitted they hated their jobs so much they might consider giving it a try.

A viewer commented: "Also means 'cases' will go up so we go into a lockdown. Great idea."

"Well done let's do this and stay in lockdown longer FML," blasted another.

A third person wrote: "Waste of resources and time. Well done you."

Someone else asked: "Have people really got jobs they hate so much? Get a new job."

The TikToker said in the comments she was showing how unreliable the tests were when compared to the PCR ones.

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