‘Theres a storm coming’ Kirkwood warns remnants of tropical Storm Alex to slam into UK

Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns 'remnants' of tropical storm

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Tropical Storm Alex is set to slam into the UK as strong winds and brutal thundery showers batter the country. Meteorologist Carol Kirkwood, warned the nation to expect “a lot of showers” as conditions become “heavy and thundery” as the storm moves in. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, she said: “Tomorrow then, we start off with a fair bit of cloud, there will be some dry weather, some sunshine, by the end of the day though, we’ll see rain starting to come into some western areas and the wind is also going to start to strengthen.

“This is the first signs of that deep area of low pressure with tropical Storm Alex embedded in it, showing its hand.”

Ms Kirkwood explained Storm Alex is set to strike the northwest of the UK initially before the poor weather conditions gradually move across the south and east of the country.

She continued: “In the Atlantic, it’s going to sweep to the northwest of us.

“This weather front moving south will bring some rain, which is going to be slow to clear on Friday.”

She added: “It’s going to be a windy day, particularly the closer you are to this area of low pressure, so in the north and the west, it will be breezy as we push further southwards and eastwards.”

The meteorologist issued a warning of thundery conditions to the northwest of the country with the furthest northerly points of the UK set to experience the strongest winds of the storm.

She added that Storm Alex is set to tarnish weather conditions well into the weekend as heavy showers persist through to the end of the week.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Out towards the west, we’ll see a lot of showers and some of those could be heavy and thundery, this is where we’ll have the strongest winds.”

She added: “As we move through Saturday, the low pressure moves to the north of us, look at the squeeze on the isobars along the north of the country, this is where the winds will be strongest.”

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Ms Kirkwood continued: “There will still be some showers around as we head into Saturday and over the course of the weekend. 

“The driest conditions and the highest temperatures will be across the south and also the southeast.”

Despite the end of the week predictions of up to 23 degrees celsius for areas in the southeast, the temperature is likely to feel far lower thanks to the breeze caused by the stormy weather front moving across the nation.

Areas in the north will struggle to reach 20 degrees as the region is battered by strong winds and thundery downpours.

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Ms Kirkwood also highlighted high pollen levels across much of the country.

She issued a warning to hayfever sufferers as she explained Storm Alex is unlikely to counter the high pollen conditions. 

She said: “You would think it would wash it all out of the air, let’s stick with that, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.”

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