That is just a joke EU humiliated as disappointed Ukrainian MP rages at sanctions

EU’s sanctions on Russia are ‘a joke’ says Ukrainian MP

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Ms Sovsun discussed how the European Union’s economic sanctions on Russia were not good enough to stop the Russian onslaught. The Ukrainian MP expressed her disgust for Western politicians who were talking about imposing new sanctions whilst condemning the Bucha massacre and asked them not to mention them in the same sentence. The Bucha city massacre in Ukraine exposed how previous occupying forces murdered more than 320 people, some at close range, with many left for weeks in the same place they were killed out in the open.

Many of the Ukrainians that were executed, were dumped into mass graves which were giant open trenches around the city.

Ms Sovsun then criticised governments for claiming they wanted to stop buying Russian gas and coal but were only implementing these changes later on this year. 

Ms Sovsun told GB News: “Yes it is true and I was particularly… Well, let’s say disappointed after the last round of sanctions.

“Which the EU claim to be the response to Bucha massacre and the sanctions were introduced after Bucha… That is just a joke.

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“And even with those sanctions that we heard of like you will not be buying Russian coal anymore.

“Today we have heard that they’re saying, we will continue buying Russian coal up until probably the end of summer.

Ms Sovsun added: “And then we shall see what happens, so I’m sorry but you can do this, I guess while those sovereign states, they can take their own actions.

“But please don’t mention Bucha in that sense, don’t say this is a response to Bucha because this is just…

“I don’t know a… Just remember in memory of those victims, just don’t mention them.

“If that is all you can respond with, I’m sorry it’s a joke and a very sad one,”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky slammed the West for their lack of action when the massacre was condemned.

“During the 14 Yeats since that miscalculation, Ukraine has experienced a revolution and eight years of war in Donbas.

“To see with their own eyes the tortured Ukrainian men and women.

“I want to be understood correctly. We do not blame the West. We do not blame anyone by the specific Russian military who did this against our people. And those who gave them orders.”

Following the emergence of the horrific events which took place in Bucha, Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik voiced her frustration at commentators suggesting an investigation in accordance with the rules of war should go ahead.

She said: “Are you talking about the Geneva Convention to me about people who, who killed women and children correct women in front of the children.

“You’re talking to Geneva Convention to me. Are you kidding? Are you kidding me right now?

“The world is watching how we are dying and talking about Geneva Convention!

“Maybe you should call Putin and talk to him about the Geneva convention!”

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