Tesco driver tries to kiss customer on lips after asking how old she is

A mum was left horrified after a Tesco delivery driver allegedly tried to kiss her on the lips when he dropped off her shopping.

The employee, who is believed to be in his 60s, is now under an internal investigation after the customer made a complaint to the supermarket.

The mum-of-one from Watford, who has requested not to be named, shared the doorbell camera footage on social media after Tesco's initial response left her unhappy.

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In the CCTV, the worker in high-vis vest and blue Tesco uniform returned to the customer's house and knocked on the door.

When she opened it, he asked: "Please don't be offended but how old are you?"

The man then leaned forward and placed his hands on the shopper's face.

The 33-year-old claimed she turned away and felt his finger "slide down her nose and lip" when he allegedly tried to kiss her on the lips.

Disgusted by the incident, she told Watford Observer: "It’s crazy for a delivery man to try and kiss me on the lips.

"It’s unacceptable for anyone to do this. I think he could tell I am foreign and of Latin descent and he thought he might get away with it.

"I had no plan to make this public but Tesco’s [initial] response was not appropriate. Tesco needs to remind its employees – any delivery driver – of how to treat women who are alone.

"This has made me feel scared and anxious in my own home."

The woman reported the incident to Tesco after she and her husband reviewed the footage the next day.

She was told on phone that the delivery man was "probably an old friendly man".

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We were really concerned to hear about this and take complaints of this nature extremely seriously.

"We immediately began an internal investigation and have reached out to the customer to apologise and make her aware of the actions being taken on our side."


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