Terrifying picture shows woman wielding AK-47 out of car passenger window – vehicle seized

Nationals Park shooting: Police investigate following incident

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The San Francisco Police Department seized the vehicle, according to a post on Twitter. The incident happened during an illegal driving event in Barneveld and McKinnon on July 11.

The woman was photographed holding the assault rifle as she leaned out of the Cadillac window.

The vehicle was tracked down and seized on August 5.

The image was shared on San Francisco Police Department Traffic Safety’s Twitter account.

The tweet read: “On July 11, 2021, during an illegal exhibition of speed event at Barneveld & McKinnon, a passenger leaned out of a Cadi holding an AK47.

“SFPD Traffic Company personnel worked up a case, and seized this particular vehicle today.”

San Francisco police tweeted a photograph that appears to show police officers escorting the car as it is towed away.

Police spokesperson Adam Lobsinger told SF Gate: “Due to the fact that this is an open [and] active investigation we cannot comment further.”

It was not revealed whether the woman fired the rifle.

Police did not confirm whether there had been any arrests.

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