Terrified woman believes poltergeist is tormenting her using stuffed monkey toy

A woman claims she is being terrorised by a stuffed monkey toy – that moves around her home by itself after it was possessed by a malicious spectre.

Danielle Marie, who goes by the username @Daniellesmiless on TikTok, has posted a series of videos on the app showing the 'poltergeist possessed toy' as it moves its head to stare at her.

In one of the viral videos – which received more than 22k views –, she screams: "Guys, I just woke up. I needed to go pee. And this is what I opened my f***ing door to.

"Dude, what the hell? I need to f***ing call my mom. My husband is at work. I don't know. What the hell, dude, who are you? What the f**k."

She later added: "When you're scared and you're actually in person with the thing, you don't know what to do, you don't.

"So tomorrow, I'm going out, I'm getting sage. I'm getting incense. I'm getting whatever I can for this thing."

She captioned the video telling viewers they have 'no idea what I'm dealing with' but many users seemed to have ideas about what it could be.

One user wrote: "As her neighbour in the apartment next door, I can confirm that the roommate was posting videos attempting to hex her."

Another said: "Tell me you're having a bad trip without telling me you're having a bad trip."

A third added: "The fact that you're panicking like that is feeding it the fuel it needs to fully manifest itself. Some spirits feed on fear and you're giving it."

"Definitely, a poltergeist," a fourth said.

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In the comments of the video where she repeatedly asks who the spirit she claims to have been hexed.

She wrote: "I just found out that I got hexed! It’s not anything that I did even though I thought it was."

According to her most recent video, the stuffed toy is now nailed to her bedroom wall as she claims she has spoken to "multiple experts today and they all agreed it’s a demonic entity."

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