Terrified mum begs baby to be quiet as armed men from deadly gang patrol outside

Chilling footage has filmed a mum desperately trying to quieten her cooing baby as heavily armed men from a deadly gang flooded the street outside her house.

The footage, which looks like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, shows several men armed with guns running down the street outside her front door in the Sao Carlos complex in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The baby starts singing but the mum tells her to “shoosh” as the silhouettes of the men continue to move past.

She begs him to “please be quiet” before the clip comes to an end.

The incident was filmed on Wednesday, when heavily armed members of one of Brazil’s largest criminal organisations, the Comando Vermelho, travelled to wrest control of the neighbourhood from rivals.

They were spotted by police as they had to travel by foot and fierce fighting broke out between rival gangs and local police.

In a statement, the Military Police said the invasion of the complex involved groups from different slums in the city.

According to their statement, the conflict resulted in an intense confrontation in Lagoa, in the South Zone of Rio, which resulted in the death of a woman called Ana Cristina.

She was hit by rifle shots while protecting her son from the shooting and a family were held hostage in a condominium by a criminal fleeing from the police.

Police continue to investigate the incident and have secured the area.

Rio de Janeiro’s favelas are some of the most dangerous areas in the city and the country as a whole.

Certain neighbourhoods are practically run by criminal gangs and there are regular clashes with police.

Tourists are discouraged from visiting the lawless streetS and, in October 2017, one tourist was accidentally shot by officers.

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