Terrified kids jump out of windows as lorry deliberately crashes into house

Terrified children jumped from windows to escape as the driver of an Eddie Stobart lorry rammed an East Kilbride home in what appeared to be a deliberate attack.

Shocking video footage captured on a neighbour’s doorbell camera shows the truck, which was painted in the distinctive Eddie Stobart livery, reverse into the house at high speed, before the driver drives a short distance forward and then reverses back into the front of the house again.

The bizarre incident occurred around 11.20pm last night on Lancaster Crescent in the north of the town. Police evacuated nearby residents from their homes as a precaution.

One neighbour told GlasgowLive: "I leapt out of my bed because we heard a massive bang. It’s a cul-de-sac so the noise echoed everywhere.

"I jumped out of the house and then I watched the lorry and I was shouting at my husband saying ‘It’s ramming the house’ and we saw it take off."

They went on: "I ran back in and watched the lorry, it just sped past my living room window. I’ve never seen a lorry that big drive so fast. It was going super fast and it was a guy driving it.

"The kids inside had to jump out of the window – they had to, they couldn’t get down.

"We saw the parents too, it was an absolute scream fest."

The home, which was occupied at the time of the incident, has been damaged beyond recognition as a result of the impact from the lorry – with the windows smashed, brickwork buckled and the roof caving into a bedroom.

An eyewitness described the incident as an "absolute screamfest" and that she saw the kids who lived in the house jumping out the window to escape the chaos.

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The building is so severely damaged that locals say it will "have to come down".

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: "An investigation is under way after a lorry was deliberately driven into a house in Lancaster Crescent on Monday, September 6.

"Police were notified around 11.25pm. No-one was injured in the incident. The building has sustained extensive damage and local residents were evacuated as a precaution. Enquires are ongoing."

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