Teens left to die after fake police officer stabbed and raped them

On July 20th, 1980, a man pulled up next to 16-year-old Mary Jones and 15-year-old Mitzi Holt Sizemore and told them he was a police officer looking for a teenage boy who had run away from home.

In a sickly convincing act, Randy May, from Tennessee, told them the boy was one of their friends, and feeling concerned for his safety, the girls agreed to get in his truck.

The fake police officer drove the girls to a secluded location in the woods, where he began to brutally stab Mitzi before cutting her throat and handcuffed her to a tree.

He then turned on Mary, who he raped and stabbed repeatedly.

Mitzi, who was still handcuffed to the tree, watched in horror as her friend was killed before the horrific man turned back to her to deliver another attack.

In an incredible push to survive, Mitzi managed to get pull her hands painfully out of the handcuffs and make her way to the nearby houses where residents called for help.

Mitzi was rushed to hospital where her severe injuries were treated.

After a long and intense investigation with the help of traumatised Mitzi, the killer was finally identified, Medium reports.

Police were horrified to discover that the sick murderer was actually in a program to become a police officer, and used what he had been taught to rape and murder.

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He was sentenced to 60 years in jail for murder and attempted murder.

But according to the family, May only spent one year of his sentence in a maximum-security prison and has since been moved to a minimum-security facility.

It has been a "living hell" for the families of the two victims, who have fought hard to make sure May stays behind bars every time he comes up for parole – which was happening every year at one stage.

In 2019 the family were pleased to hear that May would not have another opportunity to be released until 2023.

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The current Sheriff of Hamblen County was a detective at the time of the gruesome murder and says he has struggled for years with what he came face to face with on that case and has also struggled for years as a result of what he encountered during this case.

"To me it was yesterday," he said.

"That’s the tragedy of the mind. The mind won’t let me forget."

If you or somebody you know has been affected by this story, contact Victim Support for free, confidential advice on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit their website, www.victimsupport.org.uk.

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