Teen star earns £38k in a year after illness spurred her into making viral clip

An influencer who made '£38,000 in a year' just for documenting her life has spilt the beans on her success in an episode of Channel 4's Party Island: Summer in Zante.

Summer XO, real name Summer Teale, is a 17-year-old influencer who began filming herself when she was just 13.

Back then she was focused on sharing financial tips with fellow teenagers on how best they could earn money but she has since branched out into modelling and lifestyle content.

With over 180,000 thousand Youtube subscribers, Summer is now making serious money from her posts and claims to have went on three holidays in the summer of 2021 within just six weeks.

After being flown out to Zante to promote a social media page, Summer relaxed on the deck of a speedboat and described her success.

She told the cameras: “In the last six weeks I’ve been on three holidays. I’m going to Barcelona soon and hopefully Milan in October.”

“I had my first tax bill last year, I earned £38,000. At the moment it depends on the month it could be £4000 and it could be £10,000.”

Like most industrious creators, Summer started young and started hard, spurred on by a medical condition that was making life difficult at the time.

She said: "I started it because I suffer from Chronic Pain Syndrome. It’s basically when your brain sends messages to your body telling you you’re in pain all the time.

"I wasn’t at school much and I was missing out on everything, I hated being in bed all the time.“

She shot to success straight away when her video advising 13-year-olds to make money went viral.

"I’ve always been money-driven," she admitted.

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Among her tips for teenagers was to get paid a pound each day to do the washing up meaning they'd take home £7 a week.

Still, the influencing life does have its downsides as Summer admits she is often unable to fully relax on her many holidays.

She said: "To be honest all my other holidays I’ve filmed I’ve felt like I’m on my phone all the time.

"I get sad cause I’m always doing the videos and making sure it’s perfect.”

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