Teacher sacked for avoiding work for 20 years after being spotted on the beach

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A teacher saw his employment terminated after 20 years, after he was “spotted on the beach” despite being signed off due to sickness.

Italian Cinzio Paolina De Lio had spent 24 years as a teacher, employed to teach literature and philosophy.

However she actually only spent four years of that time in the classroom.

Astonishingly, De Lio, 56, was able to spend the remainder of that time away from school, on sick leave, using holidays, and being permitted to attend conferences.

On the rare occasion De Lio did show up, students opted to snub her lessons, citing her indifferent approach to teaching as the driving factor behind their decision.

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They even accused the teacher of texting during their exams.

According to The Times, she once borrowed the students’ text books as she did not own her own copy.

Grades were also handed out at random.

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But, De Lio’s tenure finally ended during a routine school inspection.

Reports say that in her homeland of Italy – where she worked – inspectors noted how her lessons were confusing for pupils. Meanwhile, she also improvised her lessons.

Upon witnessing her lessons, De Lio was sacked on June 22.

Her case was heard in the Italian court, and brief De Lio won her job back. But it soon emerged her working true working habits, forcing the court into a u-turn.

The Italian Supreme Court said De Lio was “permanently and absolutely unsuitable” despite a claim she made that she had three degrees.

She was also branded the “worst employee in Italy” by the school near Venice.

The ex-teacher was then approached by journalists after being “spotted on the beach”.

When asked for a comment, De Lio refused.

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