Teacher, 30, posted photos of love rivals boobs on Facebook

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A deputy headmistress who made a death threat to her boyfriend's ex-lover and posted nude photos of the woman to Facebook has now lost her job and is living on Universal Credit.

Antonia Traynor obtained the photo of her rival’s boobs and posted it to her social media account, saying: ''Now she is emailing (him) her t**s FFS!"

The unnamed mum who once dated Traynor's boyfriend was said to be "humiliated and upset" by the post.

Traynor, 30, was arrested after being spotted making a throat-slitting gesture towards the victim and saying: ''You are dead, you are f****** dead.''

In a statement, the victim said: "It is one thing to affect my life but to upset my children too is on another level.

"She has never apologised to me for her actions.

"This was humiliating for me and upset my family."

Traynor was banned from contacting the victim for 12 months under the terms of a restraining order.

She has since lost her job at an unnamed school and is now claiming Universal Credit.

Eileen Rogers prosecuting said: ''In January this year (Traynor's boyfriend) and the complainant had been arguing over Facebook when she received a message on Instagram from this defendant saying 'please give me a ring'.

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''She called the defendant and there was an argument with both saying nasty things to one another.

"Later in the evening the complainant received a call from a friend to say the defendant had posted a photo of her on Facebook and that was of her breasts.

"A friend took a screenshot of her breasts on FB and sent it to the complainant and a comment with the picture said: 'Now she is emailing (him) her t**s ffs' with smiling and laughing emojis."

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''The complainant was humiliated and disturbed," Ms Rogers added. "She knew the picture was of herself taken from some time ago."

In a statement to police, the complainant said Traynor also confronted her while driving.

"She drove across the front of my car and I could see her clearly looking right at me and she was screaming," she said.

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''I couldn’t hear exactly what she said but from what I could tell she was saying 'you are dead, you are f****** dead'.

"She was crossing her finger across her throat in a gesture. I can clearly say she was trying to intimidate me, I am now living in fear – I'm now living in fear of her."

Traynor denied wrongdoing and the court heard she was accosted by one of the prosecution witnesses outside court ahead of her sentencing hearing.

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In mitigation defence lawyer Darin Millar said Traynor "had just come out of an abusive relationship and she had no idea of the trouble that was coming down the tracks.

''We do not deny the posting of the photo but to put it in context, the complainant had sent abusive and threatening messages to my client to disrupt the new relationship."

He added that Traynor "was at breaking point" when she posted the picture.

Traynor was also given a 12-month community order and told to complete 150 hours of unpaid work. She must also pay £320 in costs and surcharges.

JP Ronald Marshall told her: ''This case crosses the custody threshold but because of your previous good character, this falls under the community penalty bracket.

"Draw a line under this and try and sort yourself out."

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