Taser-wielding TikTok mum holds young boy so her son, 12, can beat him up

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A mum-of-three is facing criminal charges after allegedly holding up a boy to allow her son and another child to beat him up at school.

Ashley Ruffin, 31, from Palm Coast in Florida, the US, was accused of grabbing the victim and allowing the other boys to continue the assault at a sports complex at Indian Trails Middle School, near Orlando.

But now the parent defended herself and said she was there to pull her son away from the altercation.

Flagler County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook: "The victim stated he was sitting with his friends when two kids approached him.

"He said one of them started hitting him and he got up and pushed him to the ground, and then other boys started hitting him and that’s when his friends started coming over to help him.

"The victim also stated that sometime during the fight, he believes one of the boy’s mother grabbed him and held him while the boys beat him."

In a viral clip, Ashley is being handcuffed and arrested by the officers and taken to a police car after the school reported to the police.

But the mum said the police allegations were "biased" and said there was another incident prior showing her son was being attacked by the same boy at school.

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Video shared on TikTok and Facebook shows a clip of the boys beating up Ashley's son in a hallway at school before they were both suspended from school.

Her son is seen cowering in fear on the floor when a boy throws punches to his stomach.

On Friday, she shared her "side of the story" on Facebook, saying: "I’m in so much pain because I would never hurt a child and I had to spend a night in jail undeservedly, away from my newborn baby, my three boys, and this is so wrong."

She went on to explain that her 12-year-old son was attacked by a fellow student last week after a basketball game and when she went to the school to pick him up, the pair was fighting again.

"'I grabbed him by his backpack to pull him off and everybody just thinks that I’m some superwoman, like, these kids are big, the kid’s taller than me, I’m only 5’3”, and I’m pulling him off," she sobbed.

"I wish you were in my shoes. What would you do if your kid was getting beat inside of a school?"

A spokesman for the local police department claim they were not made aware of the video of the earlier fight until it was posted by husband Miguel Aviila.

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Ashley now faces a felony child abuse and a misdemeanour battery charge.

She is due to appear in court on September 10, with another appearance for an arraignment set for October 11.

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