Taliban militants burn down amusement park one day after being spotted on rides

A group of Taliban militants have allegedly burnt down an amusement park after they were seen enjoying its rides following their brutal capture of Kabul.

The militants, who were sporting weapons in hand, were seen laughing and having fun on electric bumper cars and spinning round on small merry-go-round horses.

Now, footage allegedly depicts the same amusement park up in flames after the militants set it on fire.

A Twitter user who shared the video claimed it was the Bokhdi Amusement Park in Sheberghan.

The user claimed that the reason the rebel group burnt down the amusement park was that there were statues within it that were offensive to Islam.

Previous footage showed soldiers laughing behind the camera as smiling troops crashed into each other in the bumper cars.

Another video saw soldiers riding a children’s merry-go-round filled with brightly colored horses – again sparking laughter from those watching.

Taliban fighters have been patrolling the Afghan capital since Monday after their blistering offensive in the country ended a 20-year war.

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President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan on Sunday as insurgents captured the city and then raided the presidential palace.

“The Taliban have won with the judgement of their swords and guns, and are now responsible for the honour, property and self-preservation of their countrymen,” Ghani said afterwards.

The Taliban invasion comes weeks after US and UK forces withdrew from the region.

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US President Joe Biden has been widely criticised for the move, while many politicians have admitted they were caught by surprise by the speed of the militant group’s attacks

The Taliban have been carrying out brutal murders and dumping their victims in mass graves since the Kabul takeover, it has been claimed.

Terrorist fighters swept across Afghanistan and took over the capital Kabul on Sunday, August 15.

As thousands try to flee the country, the militants have vowed there will be “no revenge on anyone” and pledged to grant Government workers amnesty.

However, reports of atrocities have already emerged in the southern province of Kandahar.

Disturbing pictures obtained by the Daily Star purport to show Taliban members disposing of corpses in mass graves.

Its members are targeting anyone they consider as "traitors" – those associated with the Afghan government, soldiers, NATO, NGOs, and journalists.

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