Taboo OnlyFans star paid £5k to dress up like blokes mum and £2k for toilet vid

An OnlyFans star who specialises in "taboo kinks" has revealed how one weird bloke paid her £4k to dress up and act like his "moany b**** sister," while another dished out £5k to be "told off by his mum".

Saffron Leigh, from Cumbria, was working in a small cafe and earning a pittance when she decided to explore the world of adult content creation two years ago.

Now, she earns in excess of £20,000 a month and specialises in what she calls "taboo fetishes", those that people wouldn't freely admit to enjoying.

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The 26-year-old, who has over 100k Instagram followers, told the Daily Star that she has had "some crazy requests."

"One guy specifically sent me photos of his mums clothes and asked if I could get an outfit similar to pretend to be her!" she said.

"Hope his poor mother never saw the video," she added, revealing that she was paid £5k for the job.

She said, despite being creeped out, she would do it again for that price tag.

"The video included me calling him a naughty boy and telling him to never disobey his mother! I had to wear a black leather skirt and a crop top, he wanted it to be a ‘sexy’ version of his mother's casual pencil skirt and long black blouse.

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"He responded with how happy he was with the video and how naughty it made him feel! It felt so good to receive that kind of money, I wanted to do it again for him," she said.

And the weird themes don't stop there for Saffron. Explaining some of the weirder kinks she's come across, she told The Star: "I’ve had someone send me 2k to record my ‘morning poo’ because they prefer pooing in the mornings!

"I’ve had someone send me 8k to urinate in the bath, I’ve also had someone send the 4k to record me pretending to be their sister and to talk on camera about how much of a moany b*tch I am!"

Asked why she chose to specialise in "taboo" fetishes over more regular ones, she said: "Regular fetish is so common on OnlyFans now. All the girls do it, feet etc, I know for a fact men have much dirtier minds than that and I wanted to explore it."

She told the Star in a previous chat that her efforts earn her around £20k a month.


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