Suspected ‘human skull’ found by side of busy road in layby near woods

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A suspected human skull has been found near a busy road in Chichester.

What's believed to be human remains — which are currently being examined by forensic specialists —were discovered near a layby by some woods on Thursday.

Police teams are currently sweeping the area in an attempt to discover if there are any more skeletal remains to be found.

It's the second such incident this week after a human skeleton was discovered on a Chichester beach on Monday.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "Police were alerted to the discovery of suspected human remains near a layby on the B2141 near Chilgrove, Chichester at 12.35pm on Thursday, January 28.

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"Forensic specialists have attended the scene to assist with their recovery, and further examination and searching of the area is ongoing.

"Further examination and searching of the area is ongoing to establish if other skeletal objects are located there.

"This discovery is being treated as unexplained at this time."

Alarmingly, it's the second discovery of human remains in Chichester just this week alone.

An unsuspecting walker unearthed a decaying skeleton in the mud at West Wittering beach near Chichester on Monday.

The shocked man immediately reported the grisly find to local police, who confirmed the skeleton was human the following day.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "Specialist forensic teams recovered the bones and have confirmed the remains are human.

"The discovery is currently being treated as unexplained and enquiries to identify the bones are ongoing."

The skeleton was found close to "an area where historical burial sites are located", it was added.

West Wittering is an exclusive seaside resort which is home to a wealthy coastal community, with a number of its expensive beachside properties belonging to celebrities.

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