Supermarket worker ‘rapes Brit woman in Turkey after carrying her to hotel room’

A British woman claims she was raped by a man in Turkey who slapped her and carried her up to his hotel room, foreign media reports.

The victim, who lives in the country and is in her 50s, was targeted on the night of September 25 after visiting a hotel restaurant in the coastal city of Marmaris.

The alleged attacker, identified as 32-year-old Murat B, invited the woman and her friend to his table, Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet reports.

Murat, who was also with a friend, later followed her to a toilet and tried to kiss her.

He slapped her and then took her “semi-unconscious” to the hotel room, it is claimed.

The victim reportedly tried to resist and punched him in the groin.

She left the room and went to the police to file a complaint, and her statement was taken in the presence of a psychologist.

Officers reviewed CCTV footage from the hotel which showed a man carrying a woman upstairs and into his room, before the two of them left at separate times.

Cops afterwards detained Murat, a supermarket worker from the city of Izmir who was on holiday in the area.

The suspect denied the attack and says he was with the woman at “her request”.

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