Super-isolated Amazon tribe discovered in 1970s now extinct as last member dies

The final member of an elusive indigenous forest-dwelling tribe has died – and the entire tribe has been classed as extinct.

The tribe, which was never directly contacted by anyone outside of it, was based in Brazil.

The final member, known only as the Man of the Hole, had lived on his own for 26 on the Tanaru indigenous lands.

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It was based in the Brazilian Amazon in Rondonia.

The nickname, given to him by Brazil's indigenous protection agency Funai, was bestowed upon him because of his tendency to lay traps for animals in deep holes around the area.

He was first spotted in 1996.

Attempts to reach out to him, via direct contact or by leaving food parcels for him, were always rejected by the final tribe member.

It is thought that the rest of his tribe died in the 80s due to land grabs and cattle ranchers.

His body was found in a hammock inside a hut on August 23.

It is believed that he knew he was about too die has he was holding an ornamental macaw feather – which is part of his tribe's death ritual.

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The name of his tribe, or what language he spoke, was never found.

There were no signs of struggle or violence, and nobody else was suspected of having played a part in his death.

Local police will forensically examine the body, but it is believed that he died of natural causes.

Fiona Watson, from charity Survival International said: “No outsider knew this man's name, or even very much about his tribe — and with his death the genocide of his people is complete.

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“For this was indeed a genocide — the deliberate wiping out of an entire people by cattle ranchers hungry for land and wealth.”He was the last of his tribe, and so that is one more tribe made extinct – not disappeared, as some people say, it’s much more active and genocidal a process than disappearing.”

His campsite home will now be looked after by experts, and it already shows that he planted his own crops – mainly corn and papaya – and that his house was made of straw and thatch.

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