Study shows Coloradans really love Modern Farmhouse style

The Modern Farmhouse design is the most popular home style in Colorado and 31 other states.

Hovia, a British wallpaper designer, analyzed Google Trends data using 575 search terms relating to 25 interior design styles to reveal the most popular style in each state.

And Coloradans, like most Americans, like the Modern Farmhouse look.

The design merges traditional rural style with a sophisticated, contemporary flair by using smooth lines and a neutral color palette, stainless steel appliances, sleek lighting fixtures, and granite countertops.

TV home makeover shows and social media helped popularize the modern country vibe. It pays homage to classic and traditional aspects of homes that have been passed down for generations.

Coloradans ready to renovate

Perhaps because more people are staying in their homes, more homeowners are exploring options to renovate and improve their houses.

Data compiled by Contractor Growth Network analyzed search terms related to home renovations, extensions, and contractors from every state to establish what they want to fix in their homes.

The results show Colorado ranks fifth, with residents doing 1,184 monthly searches per 100,000 residents for terms related to home improvements and renovations.

“General contractor” is Coloradans’  top search term. Perhaps they’re looking for someone to renovate their kitchens or baths to give them that Modern Farmhouse look.

Top home remodeling trends in Denver

The most common building trends in the Denver area that help make houses more functional and energy efficient include:

Home offices

Adding a home office boosts value and improves convenience. Popular features include glass pocket doors and soundproofing panels.

Improving sustainability

Sustainability features help homes become more energy-efficient.

Options include metal roofs to reflect the sun’s UV rays and reduce snow accumulation, synthetic stucco to improve moisture resistance, and vented soffits to improve air circulation and prevent mold formation in attics.

Natural lighting

Denver is the perfect place to take advantage of natural light and reduce reliance on artificial lighting. With nearly 300 days of sunshine each year, strategically placing large windows can help save energy and improve your mood.

Adding insulation

Improve energy efficiency by adding exterior wall insulation underneath the cladding, replacing outdated fiberglass with natural hemp insulation, and using silicone sealants to fill any cracks.

Radiant heat flooring

Installing subfloor electrical mats takes the chill off polished concrete or engineered hardwood. Radiant heating systems diffuse heat in a stovelike manner to warm the floor and eliminate cold pockets.

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