Stray dog sits by road for 40 seconds and waits for green light at crossing

A stray dog has been praised by viewers after a video showed the pooch patiently waiting for a green light at a crossing.

The scene was spotted by a man, known by his surname Ge, when he was waiting for his taxi by the road in the city of Lanzhou, Gansu province, China.

Video taken on Friday, November 13, shows the black and brown mutt sitting by the pedestrian crossing as if it is waiting to cross the road.

It looks left and right to check whether there are any cars coming from both sides.

And as soon as the light turns green, the clever canine follows other road users and crosses to the other side.

Mr Ge said: "It was about 8.30pm or 9pm at that time and I was waiting at the same spot for a taxi.

"Then I realised the dog sitting by the roadside, I was thinking 'maybe the dog is waiting to cross the road' and I filmed it."

He was also impressed by the dog's patience as he said the red light was on for about 40 seconds.

"The stray dog just sat there for 40 seconds before it followed the green light and crossed the road," Mr Ge added.

Viewers praised the dog for being much more "civilised" than many other road users.

One said: "It's well-behaved and so much more civilised than humans. That's a nice dog."

Another commented: "This dog is so smart! Can't believed this."

"Amazing!" a third wrote. "We should treat dogs better, they deserve better!"

A fourth wondered: "Isn't that there's no colour in a dog's eye? Why can this dog see the traffic lights?"

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