Strange footage of black circle floating above Moscow puzzles locals

UFO: Strange black ring spotted in the sky

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A ring of smoke was spotted in the northwest capital of Russia on March 27, hovering near a residential complex called “Sputnik”. According to locals, a loud bang was heard before the large ring was seen rising steadily into the sky. Many took to social media to share their confusion – with some claiming to know how the odd sight was caused.

A strange clip of the ring was shared by Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the minister of internal affairs of Ukraine. He describes himself as the “official enemy of Russian propaganda” on Twitter.

The 44-year-old tweeted a video clip with the caption: “Residents of Moscow publish videos of a black circle in the city’s sky. What do you think happened there?”

While some joked that it was reminiscent of the writing the Wicked Witch of the West used in the sky to write “surrender Dorothy” in the Wizard of Oz, others suggested it was caused by UFOs.

Local news reports say that the emergency services have not yet commented on the incident.

As the smoke does not disperse in the atmosphere, it takes the form of a ring or a loop and drifts across the sky.

Others on social media similarly had logical explanations for the phenomenon.

Some said the strange shape was caused by a lightning strike, firework or an explosion that had occurred through a round shape.

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One Twitter user, who describes himself as a veteran, explained that it was a smoke ring, adding: “I was a combat engineer and we did controlled blasts (large explosions, nearly a thousand pounds of tank rounds, arty rounds, etc) where we had similar rings.”

They then shared a picture of a similar-looking ring that they claim to have taken in Iraq in 2003.

Another explained that it is not mysterious at all but is caused by an explosion being detonated on the ground which then creates an “upwelling of heated air and the cortex of smoke”.

The strange site was seen once before in Moscow in 2018 with observers similarly perplexed by the “special shape” that “looked like a UFO”.

Although many had concluded that it was a smoke ring, the Mirror reported that there was no exact explanation given as to why it had been caused.

One social media user said they had been worried when they had first seen one.

They said: “It’s actually a ring formed from a fireball. They happen every night at Disneyland with their world of the colour show after the big fireball. I saw exact same thing and was super worried.”


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