Stepmum charged after four-year-old boy’s body found stuffed in bag at hotel

A young boy's step mum has been charged in connection with the death of a child who was killed and stuffed in a bag.

Theresa Balboa was found at the same hotel where the body of a young boy, thought to be that of missing stepson Samuel Olson was found in a tote bag yesterday, Tuesday.

Samuel's disappearance was reported to police last week, but officers fear he may have gone missing as long as a month ago, even though Balboa claimed to have seen him last Thursday.

During the investigation, they found a young boy's body inside a bag in a motel room in Houston, in the US state of Texas.

Assistant Chief Heather Morris said Balboa had been charged with tampering with evidence. She may also face further charges.

Samuel's dad Dalton Olson's fiancée is being detained at a jail in Jasper County.

Morris added that the child's body looked like it had been at the motel for some time.

On the day the body was discovered, Balboa was also reported missing.

Dalton told FOX 26 she vanished on Monday while posting flyers about Samuel's disappearance.

But local media reported Balboa had been found at the motel and she was being quizzed by cops over the boy's suspected death.

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Houston Police Department Executive Assistant Larry Satterwhite said they were still unsure exactly when Samuel went missing.

"All we have are reports. The last time we know, for a fact, he was in school and that was April 30th," he said.

Balboa is said to have claimed she gave the boy to his mum last week – shortly before he was reported missing.

"I was going to take Sam to school when his mother showed up with the police officer or who I was under the impression to be a police officer," she told KTRK.

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"And they demanded me to release Sam."

She added that his mum was with a Harris County police officer at the time he was handed over.

But his mum, Sarah Olson, denied the claim, telling the authorities she had no idea where Samual is, with his dad claiming he had "literally tried to do everything from the very beginning to do what's best for my son.

"That is my whole world and I can't imagine if anything happened to him and I believe he's still out there," he said.

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Sarah's lawyer has since stated that, despite having legal custody of Samuel, she had not seen him since January last year because Dalton and his mum ignore her requests to see her son, according to Click2Houston.

The outlet also claimed Balboa was charged with assaulting and "impeding [the] breathing" of Dalton in November last year.

But after getting a restraining order against her contacting him or his family, the couple had reportedly got back together.

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