Snowdon path covered in human faeces after busy Easter weekend

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Snowdon mountain paths have been left covered in human faeces after a busy Easter weekend for the Welsh mountain saw hundreds attend the popular hiking site.

The popular mountain path was said to be "covered in human stools" as one Snowdon guide reports sightings of a man defecating on the line.

Gemma Davies said she was "totally disgusted" at the state of the Llanberis path on Saturday morning, spotting human waste in paper cups and under stones.

Although Davies has spoken of her disgust at the state of the popular path, Snowdonia National Park Authority has said nothing unusual has been reported.

Davies claims that "there were no toilets open at the bottom when we got to the bottom after a seven hour hike" and that she was having to warn climbers to "mind the poo".

Davies added: "There was a lot of stool in paper cups, under stones, and as we were descending it was on the path. I caught a guy going to the toilet on the railway line.

"He quickly pulled up his pants and tried to make a quick getaway. But I had already seen it, my group had already seen it. And we had to walk past it as well."

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The pathway guide added that there should be somewhere for people to use the bathroom on the trail, BBC reported.

She said: "There should be somewhere. It is the busiest mountain in the UK. It was very busy in Llanberis but there were no toilets for people to go to.

"There are none at the top of the mountain because the café is not open. I understand people wanting to go to the toilet but doing it on the paths is not hygienic and it is not nice to see."

A spokesman for the mountain said: "It is a mountain. It isn't an attraction and people need to take that into account."

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