Snow forecast map: Every single location that will see snow this weekend – will you?

BBC Weather: Cold temperatures for UK with some snow

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Northern regions of the British Isles have already experienced snow at various points in 2022, and as we head into the second weekend of January, that theme is due to continue. Below freezing temperatures will set in from tonight for some parts and with them comes the added risk of wintry conditions. So, where exactly is snow forecast to fall this weekend?

Friday evening: January 7

For tonight, the Met Office is expecting “blustery, heavy wintry showers affecting many areas, especially the west and northwest where the heaviest and most frequent showers, including some snow, will be”.

In fact, the weather forecaster is expecting temperatures throughout northern regions to dip to minus two degrees in places.

According to WXCharts, the Scottish Highlands are forecast to have up to 20cm (7.8 inches) of snow in places as we approach midnight.

These areas include Fort William and Glenfinnan in the west whereas southern regions, close to Glasgow and Edinburgh, will see lighter showers.

Elsewhere, parts of the English Pennines and Lake District will also enjoy snow showers throughout Friday afternoon.

These will become less intense as we reach the end of Friday evening.

Here, snow is expected to range between one to five centimetres in depth.

Saturday: January 8

As we head into the early hours of Saturday, snow showers in the Scottish Highlands are predicted to intensify.

Consequently, by 6am snow could reach depths of up to 25cm (9.8 inches) in some high-ground places.

Wintry showers will remain in these parts with slightly milder intensities for the remainder of Saturday.

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In contrast, areas in England that had previously witnessed spells of snow on Friday will start to see these showers fade as the day progresses.

However, they are forecast to grow in frequency again as temperatures drop by Saturday evening.

Netweather is also anticipating the risk of snow over hilly areas of Wales to increase before we reach the halfway point of the weekend.

Sunday: January 9

Sunday will see a similar weather pattern to that of the rest of the weekend, with snow predominantly falling over high-ground areas in Scotland.

From 6am to midnight, the intensity of these showers is forecast to increase further.

This time though, snow could reach in excess of 30cm (11.8 inches) in parts.

Meanwhile, the only other snow showers for the UK are predicted to fall in southern regions of Scotland and the English Pennines.

Indeed, these will begin strong but fade away by the time the weekend reaches its conclusion.

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