Snow chaos will blanket Britain in days as mercury suddenly plunges

UK weather: Met Office forecasts dull and damp conditions

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Alarming weather maps show a large plume of snow hitting Britain in just under a week’s time – as a sub-zero freeze makes its return. Meteorologist Jim Dale, from British Weather Services, told how an easterly “troll” from Scandinavia will bring a somewhat frosty setting to much of the nation next Tuesday, January 17. While it is likely to cause disruption, it is not as prominent as the Beast from the East, a strong weather front which brings widespread and prolonged chaos in its wake.

Winter overview maps from WXCHARTS shows Saturday, January 14, as a day of concern for Scotland, as excessive rain which otherwise drenches parts of England will fall as snow – especially in the Scottish Highlands. 

By Monday, January 16, more rain will continue to lash the country – with no indication of just how bad it will be as yet, and whether it will cause any flooding to already saturated areas. 

But, by 6pm, when the mercury starts to dip, northern England and Scotland could get a dusting of snow with up to 1cm falling near Manchester, with the thickness growing to 5cm on the Scottish border.

Later that night the snowfall becomes more widespread with much of Northern Ireland becoming blanketed, along with the north west coast of England. For those living in the Midlands, central and southern parts of England – this will fall as rain for some time yet. 

But by midday on Tuesday much of England will be coated in snow, the maps illustrate. While southern and central parts of the country could be set for a measly 1cm of snow, in Scotland this will be far greater, with temperatures pushing as low as -7C.

Mr Dale told “We have a temporary wintry spell next week – with some snow further north, maybe Wales – but at the moment it comes and goes, it’ll last two to three days. Some temporary disruption is likely but it is too early for details.”

He said such details will become more concrete before the end of this week, but that the freezing temperatures would be caused by a north-easterly airstream, which he has called a “mini troll”. 

This phrase was coined by Mr Dale before Christmas to describe a more substantial “Troll from Trondheim”, a cold weather front which had also come from Scandinavia and caused a mass freeze across Britain. 

While the Met Office is not out-right pinned a date for snow, but has alluded to a chilly period on the horizon for the UK. From January 14 to 23, its long range forecast says: “On Saturday, showers or rain, locally heavy, with some bright or sunny spells at times.

“Drier conditions more likely in the north, whereas southern areas will perhaps see some persistent, heavy rain. Windy, especially across parts of the west/southwest. On Sunday, low pressure will probably be replaced by a ridge from the west, introducing a colder northerly flow.

“Conditions will be a mix of sunny spells with the occasional shower, wintry in the north. Rain, likely on Monday from the west/northwest.

“Later in the period unsettled conditions are expected to persist with showers or longer spells of rain for all areas at times. Any drier or more settled interludes will likely be brief. Wettest conditions will be in the west. Windy conditions are often likely. Temperatures around average, occasionally mild.”

But Jo Farrow, a senior forecaster for NetWeather, said the only snowfall this week would be over the Scottish Highlands – with more heavy rain predicted right up until this weekend. 

In her blog, she said: “If you were looking for snow, there won’t be much. Wintry showers continue to feed over the Scottish mountains from the west this week and add to the covering of snow over the peaks.

“The tops of the Pennines, Cumbrian Fells, and Welsh mountains will also see a few cms this week and wintry bits for the Antrim Hills and tops of the Peak District. We start the week with cooler air, but it turns milder in the warm sector on Tuesday.

“Cooler air returns from the northwest early on Wednesday and potentially colder Arctic air for the far north of Scotland to start the weekend.”

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