Sinister detail in seemingly harmless beach pic sparked huge shark attack panic

A background detail in a seemingly harmless family picture, taken during a beach trip, has sparked a huge debate.

The picture of the dad and his young child was taken yesterday (Sunday, January 8) on Carrum Beach in Melbourne, Australia.

At first glance, it seems like a seemingly innocent moment of a family day out – but if you look closer it features a more sinister detail.

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The family noticed the terrifying find the day after their visit to the stunning coastline and quickly reported it to the authorities.

In the background of the snap, which was posted to Facebook today (Monday, January 9), they claim to have captured a shark sighting.

They say you can see a dark shark fin in the shallow waters near a group of two men and a dog. reported that the Chelsea SES said in a Facebook post that there had been an unconfirmed shark sighting at Chelsea Beach, fuelling speculation a local shark known as “Bruce” had returned.

The group claimed that they had received a message from a family on Carrum Beach on Sunday who, after browsing through photos from that day, noticed the terrifying detail.

The post continued: “Now I have to admit, when I saw the pictures, I wasn’t sure what they were, so I have contacted a number of places to ask their opinions, and they all agree that although they can’t confirm it’s a shark, they can’t say that it’s not.

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“The family are very genuine and, in fairness, they’re the first to admit that they’re not sure what they’ve snapped, but they certainly would like to know.”

Hundreds of people jumped to comment on the image. One said: “I agree that it can’t be discounted – but it’s highly unlikely that a shark cruising in the shallows would not be seen and those in the photo not aware".

“Looks a bit shallow for a shark with a fin that size,” another wrote.

“Looks like a small shark so maybe that’s why no one was attacked,” one woman wrote.

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