Sick pimps looking for beautiful women fleeing Ukraine to become sex slaves

Pimps and human traffickers are preying on women and teenage girls fleeing Ukraine for safety.

Refugees forced from their homes by Vladimir Putin's Russian troops have been warned to watch out for criminals in the modern slave trade.

As war continues to wage on in Ukraine, criminals on the continent are seizing the opportunity to prey on vulnerable women as soon as they step foot off a train over the border in Poland and Romania.

"For predators and human traffickers, the war in Ukraine is not a tragedy," UN Secretary General António Guterres warned on Twitter.

"It's an opportunity – and women and children are the targets. They urgently need safety and support every step of the way."

If human trafficking was already an alarmingly common problem in the region, the war has amplified it and accelerated the evil trade.

Refugee and now-volunteer Margherita Husmanov from Kyiv, told the BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler: "Anyone can turn up at this station.

"The first day I volunteered, we saw three men from Italy. They were looking for beautiful women to sell into the sex trade.

"I called the police and it turned out I was right. It wasn't paranoia. It's horrible."

Police have cracked down on creepy men hanging around the station with tempting destinations scrawled across cardboard signs but they are now reportedly posing in high-vis as volunteers.

Ukrainian mu, Elena Moskvitina has found refuge in Denmark but told Katya that fake volunteers in Romania looked at her and her daughter "sleazily" and ordered them to join a van filled with other women headed to Switzerland.

Elena cunningly agreed to meet them again once the van was ready to leave but as soon as the men walked away satisfied, she grabbed her children and ran.

A woman shared on social media how she had fled Ukraine for Düsseldorf in Germany where a man offered her a room in return for her ID papers and that she cleaned his house for free. She added that she was kicked out onto the street when she refused his sexual advances as well.

Irena Dawid-Tomczykkids, chief executive of the Warsaw branch of anti-trafficking NGO La Strada told Katya that the war is causing a knock-on explosion of exploitation of vulnerable young women.

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She said: "We all know teenagers, don't we? They're insecure. They want acceptance and recognition and if they are refugees who are far from home and friends, they're even easier to exploit.

"Girls might love attention lavished on them by older men. Or they'll be introduced to a cool girl their own age, who has great clothes and invites them to parties.

"That's how it starts. Don't forget, it's not only men who are pimps, traffickers and abusers."

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