Sick paedo who threatened to infect children with HIV sees sentence slashed

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A vile paedophile who threatened to deliberately infect children with HIV has seen his sentence slashed after he confessed to a series of offences.

Jadd William Brooker, 38, pleaded guilty to seven of the 44 horrific charges brought against him at Adelaide Magistrates Court in South Australia on Friday.

Reports say prosecutors are still building a case against him and he was originally due to appear in court in January next year.

But he has had his case brought forward ahead of legislative changes to sentencing discounts which come into effect from Monday.

By pleading guilty, Brooker is now eligible for a 30% discount on his sentencing.

Had he waited longer he may only have been eligible for the new, reduced sentencing discount of just 15%.

The law was originally created as a way to acknowledge a defendant's early guilty plea as a sign of their remorse for their crimes.

But opposition legal affairs spokesman Kyam Maher slammed the paedo's successful bid at getting his sentence reduced.

"The charges Brooker is facing are abhorrent and shocking… he has now sprinted to plead guilty before the sentencing discounts change next Monday," he said.

He also accused Australia's government of leaving "the door open for him to get out of prison early".

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Prosecutors claim Brooker expressed intent "to infect both children and adults with HIV".

They allege he had illegal sexual relationships with two teenagers and recorded one of them performing a sex act.

One of his alleged victims has since taken their own life while the other has been tested for HIV.

Brooker is accused of pursuing a further 19 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 over Skype and Telegram, including victims in Australia, Italy and Canada.

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Prosecutors say 10,000 child exploitation images have also been found on electronic devices belonging to Brooker.

An investigator is said to have described his actions as "the worst and most degrading set of offending he has seen in 14 years of investigations".

Brooker, who is being held at Mount Gambier prison in Moorak, South Australia, will return before the court in April next year.

He was one of several defendants who rushed to take advantage of the current sentencing discount scheme on Sunday.

Under the changes, the maximum discount for an early guilty plea will drop from 40 to 25%.

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