Shots heard as bus passengers taken hostage in western Ukraine

A man claiming to be armed with weapons and explosives takes about 20 people hostage on a bus in the city of Lutsk.

A man who said he was armed with weapons and explosives has seized control of a bus in the western Ukrainian city of Lutsk, taking about 20 people on board hostage, according to police.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Facebook that “shots were heard, the bus was damaged” in Tuesday’s incident.

The man’s demands were unknown, police said in a statement.

TV footage showed empty streets cordoned off by people in military uniform, police cars and an armoured personnel carrier.

“Every effort is being made to resolve the situation without casualties. I keep the course of events under personal control,” Zelenskyy said.

Photos published on social media showed a small bus parked in the middle of an empty street. Two of the bus’s windows were smashed, and other windows were covered with curtains.

Police said they had blocked off the city centre.

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