Shocking clip shows worrying spiking injection epidemic sweeping UK

An alarming number of women are reporting being “spiked by a needle” in a worrying epidemic sweeping the UK.

British police have received hundreds of reports of drink-spiking in the past two months with many more appearing on social media as women bravely share their stories to warn others.

Many of the alleged attacks involve terrifying accounts of women being pricked by a needle while at a bar or nightclub and quickly being left in “paralysed” states.

As a result, British Home Secretary Priti Patel has ordered an urgent update from police on the spiking “epidemic”, The Sun reports.

Student Ilana El-baz, 20, shared shocking footage of herself “completely paralysed” after allegedly being spiked during a night out in Bristol with friends three weeks ago.

The clip shows her slumped on a staircase as she struggled to climb the steps, her head leaning on the railings as her eyes roll backwards.

Her boyfriend recorded the horrifying episode and the University of Bristol student allowed the BBC to broadcast the clip to show the dangers of spiking.

Ilana believes she was spiked by a fellow clubber who approached her and asked her to dance.

“The moment I told him I was with my boyfriend he left me completely,” she said

“An hour later I went back home and it hit and I was completely paralysed.”

Another woman, Rebecca Derbyshire, found a needle mark after feeling “something sharp go into my shoulder” while waiting to be served at a bar during a hen do.

The 26-year-old credited a quick-acting friend for helping when she started feeling “sick and drowsy” in Liverpool.

Rebecca described feeling a “really unusual sensation” while on a night out, telling her friend, “I think I’ve just been injected”.

She reported the alleged injection assault to police after seeing reports of similar needle attacks, and said that it was shocking to “think about what could have happened if my friend hadn’t been there”.

Social media has also been flooded with videos of women sharing similar accounts and the suspected injection wounds.

Tik Tok user @isabelladortax shared a pin prick mark on her leg surrounded by bruising asking: “Is this real? Is this actually happening in England right now?”

Almost 200 drink spiking incidents have been reported to police forces across the UK over the past two months, the UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council said on Friday.

The NPCC said there have been 198 confirmed reports of drink spiking in September and October across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus 24 reports of some form of injection, with the policing body stating the majority of cases involved young women at licensed premises and at private parties, The Guardian reported.

Despite police taking reports seriously, there have been no arrests or charges laid, and fear among women is high.

One social media user said it was “terrifying women have to protect themselves from danger at every angle” while another wrote: “We already have to cover our drinks, now we have to wear body armour when we leave the house”.

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