Shamima Begums lawyer claims Ukraine has gone full ISIS after video release

The lawyer of formerly British ISIS runaway Shamima Begum has made the bizarre claiming a fake Ukrainian “beheading” video was proof that the besieged country had gone “full ISIS”.

Tasnime Akunjee posted the dubious video on Twitter overnight.

It shows a women dressed in traditional Ukrainian garb of a white robe and flowery hat, with a field of wheat and a sunrise behind her, looking to get retribution for Russia's invasion into Ukraine.

In it, she's holding a man dressed in a black and white striped t-shirt, whom she then proceeds to behead with a curved wheat sheaf knife.

The man starts to gurgle on “blood”, while his body jerks as if he had actually just been beheaded.

The woman, who is obviously an actor standing in front of a green screen, gives an ominous message to Russian troops.

She said: “And now we are harvesting our bloody harvest.

“You will all be killed in memory (of) victims in Bucha, Irpin, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mariupol – you will all be killed.

“Your corpses, like the worst carrions, will rot in the fields, along roads and forest belts.

“They will be eaten by dogs and wild animals.

“Your mothers will be waiting for you in Tver, Pskov and Ryazan, but you, you sons of a b***h, will never return home – welcome to hell.”

Mr Akunjee then tweeted out a photo of an ISIS member about to behead a foreign hostage, and wrote: “Compare and contrast”.

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He admitted that he got the video from a Ukrainian Telegram group as it was “doing the rounds” on there, but many users pointed out that the app was founded by Russia and that it looked like a classic Russian production.

Russia has been known to perform "false flag" operations throughout the invasion, both on the battlefield and online.

The Daily Star has been unable to verify the original source of the video, and it does not have the usual Telegram watermark linking it back to the group it originated from – despite what Mr Akunjee appears to have claimed.

Mr Akunjee has been contacted for comment.

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