Shamima Begum claims she fears for her life and is being targeted by arsonists

ISIS bride Shamima Begum fears she will be killed in her prison camp by arsonists targeting "Westernised, less Muslim" women, she has said.

The 22-year-old and her friend Hafida Haddouch, believe they could become the next victims of a series of tent fires in the Al Roj camp, Syria because they are viewed as less devout compared to their campmates.

Begum says Britain should take her back in because she can help security crackdown on extremists and also denied sewing suicide vests for bombers, according to the Daily Mail.

"When the first tent fire happened we just got back to normal and then the second fire happened and then we just live in fear constantly," she said.

"In the past few months they have happened more than they've happened in the past few years."

Begum, who was wearing a pink top, baseball cap and black leggings, has given up her Islamic dress entirely which she says has made her more vulnerable.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled on national security grounds that she could not appeal the decision to be let back into the UK. Her citizenship was stripped in 2019.

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But despite this, Begum said she would like to face trial in Britain for a chance to start over.

She has previously told Boris Johnson that she wants to be seen as an "asset rather than a threat to them."

She left the UK with two of her friends to join the terror group in 2015 and has since claimed that she was groomed by ISIS and her jihadi husband Yago Riedijk, with whom she had three children with who are now all dead.

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But despite the candid interview, Begum said little about her family including her mother who lives back in the UK.

"My family are very private people and I respect their privacy," she said.

"I guess she (my mum) just watches the media and hopes that a day never comes when she hears that I've died."

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