Sex robots to go from toys for solo romps to real lovers with new talking tech

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A sex robot researchers says artificial intelligence has to improve to fully satisfy love-seeking customers.

Dr David Levy who founded the International Congress on Love & Sex with Robots, has outlined how machines will advance to form loving relationships with humans.

Until AI technology is invented to allow robots to listen and speak like a human, Dr Levy says buyers can only use them for a romp and not fall for them on a "very substantial basis".

But the author and sex researcher assures the lonely who want a futuristic bot in their lives, that what currently sounds like sci-fi will become reality once investment floods in.

Dr Levy told the Daily Star: "I think some of the most difficult problems in AI with massive amounts of research and development applied to them and also the dollars necessary to do that.

"I’ve always felt that one of the difficult problems to solve with AI was human-computer conversation because obviously if you want to have a good relationship with someone, part of that relationship has to be the conversations you can have with them.

"The current level of human-computer conversation is still fairly primitive but it has improved in the last ten or 15 years and there’s an ever-increasing amount of effort being applied to developing that field.

"I’m pretty much convinced that by 2050 there will be software that can carry on conversation that will be as good as one can have with a human."

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A key part of having a chat is understanding what someone means even when they do not explicitly say it, Dr Levy says.

According to the expert, once a computer can put someone's speech into context and reply accordingly, sex robots will fly off shelves and be seriously considered as partners.

Dr Levy told the Daily Star: "Another really difficult problem is speech recognition, I don’t mean voice recognition, I mean understanding the words someone is saying to you and that is connected very closely to human-computer conversation.

"Obviously if you want to have a conversation with someone you have to understand what they’re saying to you and what they mean as what they mean isn’t always what they say.

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"You can determine what someone means by the context in which they’re speaking, so there are a couple of things with AI that I think have to come to fruition before robots will be sufficiently human-like for people to be falling in love with them in a very substantial basis."

Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko is someone who has openly declared his love for blow up dolls, including Margo who he claims to have married and divorced.

After 30 years of constant AI development, Dr Levy predicts that people as obsessed with dolls as Yuri is, will be far more widespread.

He added: "There are people who have feelings of love for their sex dolls so I think think the potential is there for a large amount of humans to fall in love with sex robots but the technology isn’t there yet.

"As with most scientific and technological fields, the growth in our knowledge and understanding of those fields is exponential because the more one knows about a particular science or a particular technology.

"The quicker it is to make the next advancement so I think we can look forward to two or three decades of very rapid development in this field."

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