Sex offender named Pirate burned disabled woman with cigarettes

A tattooed sex offender who is legally named Pirate burned a disabled woman with cigarettes after meeting her on a dating app.

Pirate, who used to be called Daniel Selovich, spent the night with the woman in Idaho, US after she agreed to let him stay.

During the night, the woman was assaulted with multiple burns to her body and a large scratch on her back.

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to the assault by Pirate on November 9 last year after a concerned member of the woman’s family contacted them, reports

According to court documents, the victim also reported that Pirate stuck his foot in her mouth.

The disabled woman originally did not want to press charges but later changed her mind and told how Pirate first came to see her on November 7.

She agreed to let him stay a few days and when they went to the bedroom, he bit her lip and neck so hard it caused her to cry.

Pirate also forced her mouth open to put cigarette ash in her mouth and took photos of it.

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When police spoke to the victim, she told them Pirate had been searching for himself online to see if he had any warrants out for his arrest in the State of Utah.

This prompted the officers to get in touch with the Salt Lake City Police Department and uncovered more of Pirate’s crimes.

According to a Salt Lake Police report, Pirate had assaulted a woman multiple times in a motel room in Utah on November 6, just days before he met the disabled woman.

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The victim, who was reportedly an ex-girlfriend, was allegedly head-butted several times, kicked in the shins and had her abdomen knelt on by Pirate and required hospital treatment.

However, the woman did not want to press charges against him.

Officers looked through into the history of Pirate and found out he was already a registered sex offender.

He has a history of assaults on women in states of Nevada, Missouri and California and has served time in jail for some of his crimes.

Anchorage Daily News reported that Pirate also held a woman captive for five weeks in a remote cabin in Alaska in 2015, where he would sexually assault, beat and bite his victim.

The victim only escaped when she managed to call for help and was rescued by helicopter.

However, the case against Pirate was dismissed in 2016 after the woman died.

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Pirate has now pleaded guilty to his two misdemeanour counts of battery against the disabled woman after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors, which would mean he no longer faces prison time.

He has been in the Bannock County Jail since his arrest in November 2020 but will be released after his sentencing on January 4 next year unless the magistrate refuses to accept his plea.

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