Seven times Royal kids stole the show – Louis nose-picking to Charlotte putdown

All the focus was on the Queen as she celebrated 70 glorious years on the throne this weekend – but often during the four days of Platinum Jubilee celebrations, it was her great-grandchildren who stole the show.

The Queen deliberately placed Prince George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis at the forefront of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations and the decision was a masterstroke.

Television cameras never strayed too far away from the youngest members of the Cambridge family who became star attractions at the several events thrown for their great-grandmother.

George, eight, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, thrilled the nation throughout the four days with their funny antics.

There were lots of memorable moments from the youngest members of the royal family.

Prince Louis in particular proved a hit, from being pictured placing his hands over his ears and screaming during an RAF flyover to him being slapped down by his sister Charlotte.

Prince George also was captured during an adorable moment with his mother Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

These are the eight moments when the royal kids stole the show.

Prince Louis holding his hands over his ears

The nation giggled as Prince Louis was pictured with his eyes closed, hands over his ears and apparently screaming during the Queen's incredible jubilee flypast by the Red Arrows.

Prince Louis was on the balcony at Buckingham Palace when the cheeky four-year-old stunned onlookers as he clearly struggled with the barrage of noise from the 71-plane flypast.

The Queen could be seen interacting with her great-grandson and eventually helping him to settle.

However, the young royal was still visibly unhappy and appeared to continue grabbing his head as the noise of the jets receded.

Princess Charlotte slaps down Prince Louis

Everyone who has had a bossy big sister will know the feeling of being berated by their older sibling.

Prince Louis' eagerness to impress the huddled crowd along the Mall on Thursday was tempered somewhat by big sister Princess Charlotte, who saw fit to put an end to his merriment.

Prince William's three children were filmed in the lead carriage during the Trooping of the Colour as they made their way up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace.

And whilst George and Charlotte played it relatively cool, the occasion seemed to have been too exciting for Louis who was filmed waving almost maniacally from the guided carriage.

To the delight of the crowd, Louis worked his arm like a piston before Charlotte intervened.

With a flick of her wrist, she pulled Louis' arm down, leaving the little Prince with a slight frown on his face, before he began waving again.

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Reacting to the hilarious moment on Twitter, one person said Charlotte had displayed peak big sister vibes.

They said: "Speaking as someone who grew up with a Big Sister. Prince Louis deploying some Olympic level waving, being stopped by Princess Charlotte and then immediately starting again regardless, is now the high point of the whole thing."

Prince Louis picking his nose

The youngest member of the Royal family regularly stole the show throughout the four days.

He was regularly spotted doing a myriad of hilarious things during the events.

During one occasion he was pictured picking his nose as he put himself centre stage.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis pictured together

Prince George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis were at the forefront of the Queen's Jubilee Platinum celebrations.

And there was some lovely pictures of the trio pictured together enjoying the celebrations together.

The older pair again joined their parents Prince William and Kate on a royal visit to Cardiff Castle before taking the best seats in the house for Saturday night's Jubilee Party.

The trio were pictured on the balcony on Thursday gazing into the skies as they watched the flyover.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were also pictured laughing as they waved Union Jack flags during the Jubilee Party on Saturday night.

Princess Charlotte and George started to laugh at the Queen's comic appearance which featured Paddington Bear.

Prince Louis and his incredible facial expressions

Prince Louis pulled off some hilarious facial expressions throughout the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

During the flypast on Thursday, the youngest Cambridge was seen covering his ears from the noisy aircraft and crowds below as he stood alongside the Queen on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Royal fans on Twitter could not get enough of his constantly changing looks in reaction to the parade which included several bizarre performers and floats.

Louis sat in the front row of the royal box with his family and was caught standing on his seat at the carnival Pageant on Sunday.

He left fans howling after he covered his eyes with his hands and blew out his cheeks during his funny appearance.

The cheeky four-year-old even shushed his mother Kate Middleton, clenched his fists and positioned his hands in a prayer position.

In response, one person posted on Twitter: "Prince Louis being iconic as always."

While another said: "Prince Louis’ facial expressions are as legendary as ever."

A third user commented: "Prince Louis deserves his own meme section! I can't with how expressive his face is!! Love you little bug!"

Former England rugby player Mike Tindall gestured and pointed to his eyes that he was keeping watch over him, as Kate chuckled at their interaction.

Prince George calls his mother by adorable name

The young royals rode together in the carriage in the procession along with their mothe and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince George was spotted calling his mum an adorable nickname by lip-reading expert Jeremy Freeman when he turns to speak to Kate.

According to Jeremy, George adjusts his posture on the carriage and says: "Momma."

Prince Louis blows raspberries at his mum

The four-year-old tried to cover his mum's mouth before blowing raspberries in an animated display during Sunday's pageant.

Kate was seen keeping a close eye on her youngest son – who upturned his nose with his thumb at her after growing restless.

On the last day of the celebrations, he was captured with a wide range of facial expressions before cheekily shushing his mum.

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