Scottish revellers flout coronavirus rules to flock to illegal Halloween rave

Hordes of Halloween revellers flocked to an illegal fancy dress rave at a disused farmhouse despite lockdown rules.

Crowds of ravers in fancy dress from up to 30 miles away descended to the site from 1pm on Saturday to party, drink and dance.

A Daily Record probe discovered that revellers headed from far and wide to Patterton, near Newton Mearns in East Renfrewshire, for the Halloween event.

Scores of ravers – including one dressed as Superman and others lugging carry-outs – arrived at the nearby train station before heading on foot into the farm site.

None of the boozy revellers wore masks or followed social distancing guidelines as they packed into a disused farmhouse to party.

Police said they were investigating after they swooped in to break up the unlawful bash at about 6pm following a tip off.

An eyewitness said: “I could not believe it. There were all these young folk getting off the train or coming in cars and leaving them at the station.

“Some of them were wearing fancy dress and you could hear the bottles clinking in their plastic bags.

“They clearly just don’t care about Covid-19 or what the rules say. It beggars belief that we are bracing ourselves to hit the second wave and these morons travel from far and wide to have a rave.

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“There are a lot of older people in this area and the last thing they need is this madness on their doorsteps in the middle of a pandemic. There were loads of young men and women congregating in an old barn type building.

“They were rammed in like sardines and some had costumes on but none that I could see had face masks on to stop the spread of Covid. They have probably brought an outbreak right to us.”

The person added: “There were a couple of older men floating about in a van who seemed to be organising or managing the event.

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“They were definitely old enough to know better but they were sending folk towards the old farm. It is a total disgrace.”

The Record discovered a social media invite to the unlawful event. It read: “Try not to come in large numbers as houses round about and you know what people are like. If anybody asks no-one knows who organised it or what’s going on.

“They just heard about a free Halloween rave. See use on the dance floor. Roll on the madness ma man. Mind starts about 1ish as it’s a day sesh turn night if the polis don’t come ha ha.”

The shock news of the illegal Halloween rave comes as police in Scotland are breaking up hundreds of house parties every week despite the ongoing ban on home visits and social mixing due to Covid-19.

Last night, a Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed that a number of party-goers ran off from the Patterton rave on Saturday evening once officers arrived.

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