Schoolgirl banned from wearing jumper as school opens all windows in pandemic

A chilly schoolgirl has been banned from wearing a jumper at school despite new coronavirus prevention measures seeing all the windows left open.

Stoke Damerel Community College now regularly keeps its windows and doors open to keep air circulating freely in class to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

One mum says her daughter Mia was left feeling cold all the time so provided her child with a long sleeved pain black jumper to wear.

Unfortunately, that’s against the school’s uniform regulations.

The college’s executive principal, Anita Frier, explained that Mia had other options when it came to keeping warm.

She told Plymouth Live : "Our college has a school uniform policy, which includes a short sleeved shirt or long sleeved shirt, sleeveless jumper and a blazer. The student has chosen to wear a short-sleeved shirt.

"She chooses not to wear her blazer on some days. When she attended school wearing a jumper which was not part of the school uniform, she was asked not to wear it. We suggested she could wear a garment beneath her shirt and advised her to wear her blazer if she felt cold.

“[on November 11] the student asked our Head of Year 11 what would happen if she refused to remove the jumper, and was advised that ignoring instruction is against the school’s behaviour policies."

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But Mia's distressed mum fears the stress of it all could hamper her daughter's education.

She said she has GCSE exams coming up, with her first exam this December.

The worried parent said: "As you can imagine, it's quite icy cold most days and the children are being left absolutely freezing. They're allowed to keep their blazers on.”

"The schools do offer black jumpers, but they're sleeveless."

She continued: ”We provided my daughter with a long-sleeved, plain black, knitted v-neck school jumper which the school have banned her from wearing, as it's not one of their own.

"She's been told if she doesn't remove the jumper and comply, she'll have to be put into isolation which could then lead to her being excluded.”

Stressing that the sweater is completely plain, she added: "She's going to lose valuable learning time, she's in Year 11 and has her exams in six months' time so I don't want that to happen. "

She said that Mia's having trouble concentrating on her lessons because she's "absolutely freezing".

"She's very petite, she's the size of a 12-year-old really, and she does feel the cold," Mia added.

"I understand the Covid-19 measures have to be in place for everyone's safety, but really they should be more concerned with the welfare of the children over their policies."

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