Saudi Arabia to build world’s first floating city worth $8bn in 2033

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Saudi Arabia could soon be home to the world’s first floating city as an Italian designer revealed plans to set up a metropolis worth $8billion (£6.7billion), a news report has claimed. The proposed city is likely to be built in 2033.

Lazzarini Design Studio – an Italian firm known for its crazy design concepts for luxury limousines, futuristic seaports, and flying superyachts – has come up with Pangeos, a gigantic “terayacht” that could one day be an ocean-going home for 60,000 people.

The 2,000-foot-wide floating city will offer hotels, shopping centres, parks, a dock and even a mini airport.

Lazzarini said on the project’s website: “Translating this into a somewhat futuristic expression, Pangeos extends its length for 550 metres and measures 610 metres at its widest point – the wings.”

The design house revealed that the “floating city of the future” is divided into blocks, featuring rooftop parks, beach clubs, and even aircraft ports.

The terayacht will house 19 private villas and 64 apartments on each of the turtle wings and will be equipped with nine HTS electric engines, each capable of 16,800 horsepower, which would allow the massive structure to cruise at a speed of five knots.

The wildest aspect of the plan is reportedly that the monster structure will be shaped like a massive turtle.

Lazzarini says construction of the huge sea beast could start as soon as 2033, with a build time of eight years.

However, they would first need to build a dedicated dry dock to start construction.

The company is already selling “virtual” NFT entrance tickets and VIP suites for £14 and £140 respectively – allowing fans to own a piece of the astonishing structure even if it is never built.

The virtual cabins also serve as a deposit, assuming the dream project ever comes to fruition.

A hundred hectares of sea bed would need to be dredged and a massive dam constructed at the site at King Abdullah Port, 81 miles north of Jeddah, before work on the monster vessel could begin.

The floating city would be powered by a vast array of solar cells, promising a virtually endless supply of green energy to drive the nine 16,800 hp electric motors propelling it at speeds up to five knots on its endless voyage around the world’s oceans.

The steel hull comprises 30,000 individual buoyancy “cells” that would make Pangeos “unsinkable”, according to the designers.

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In recent years, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader, has been pushing forward ambitious projects with the aim of steering the kingdom’s economy away from petrodollars.

At the centre of these efforts are the planned construction of a $500billion (£420billion) futuristic desert city, Neom, and a $27billion (£22billion) megaproject in the holy city of Mecca.

The Neom project includes a 170kilometre straight-line city, touted to be 33 times the size of New York City, an eight-sided city that floats on water, a ski resort with a folded vertical village, and other eyebrow-raising ideas, such as flying elevators and an urban spaceport.

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