Salt Baes £1,400 steakhouse now one of lowest-ranked restaurants on TripAdvisor

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Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge is one of the lowest-ranked restaurants on TripAdvisor in all of London, despite reportedly being the second most expensive in the whole world.

The steakhouse landed at 20,491 out of 23,811 restaurants in the city, with an average rating of two out of five stars on the site.

Dishes range from £17 all the way up to an obscene £1,450. Some of the restaurant's specials include a Golden Burger for £100 and a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak for £1,450.

Nusret Gökçe, nicknamed Salt Bae, is the Turkish chef, food entertainer and restaurateur behind it all, whose technique for preparing and seasoning meat was an online sensation in 2017, propelling him to stardom.

His chain of luxury restaurants flogging expensive meat dishes has often divided opinions, MyLondon reports.

Some have praised the London venue as a "treat", while other guests claim Nusr-Et is an "insult to humanity".

One recent diner wrote: "Worst food, worst service, paid over £1800 for 3 of us.

"Poor quality, smelly meat, small portions, rather spend £50 in the local restaurant will be better!

"Never again! Stay away, it's a death trap!"

Another said: "Like the brand, I have been to his place in Istanbul and it was great.

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"Here the quality of meat was bad, too much salt. Food was just not good.

"Service is rude and time limit on an a la Carte restaurant?! He should close this place before it ruined his reputation."

Diners have also compared London’s Nusr-Et to his other restaurants in LA, Turkey and Dubai, claiming it doesn’t match up to its venues abroad.

And while it is ranked among the lowest restaurants on TripAdvisor, it is certainly among the most expensive. Recently, one diner took to social media to show the £37,000 bill for dinner at his Nusr-Et Steakhouse in London.

The bill included a Golden Tomahawk steak at £850, 16 Nusret Baklava's – a traditional Turkish dessert typically served with Matei Radulescu, a Turkish ice cream, at a total of £400, one sautéed broccoli (£14), a portion of asparagus (£18), three herb-crusted fries (£30) and one side of mashed potato (£12).

A vintage 1996 bottle of Petrus was £9,100 alone, while two bottles of 2003 Petrus were also consumed at a whopping £9,950 each.

But some customers have been thrilled with their experience, saying the expensive prices are worth it for the whole experience.

One happy guest wrote: "I couldn’t wait to visit this restaurant and wow, it lived up to my expectations.

"Amazing staff, food cooked to perfection. An all-around pleasing experience.

"Furthermore the two doormen were fantastically well mannered, made to feel welcome and a credit to your restaurant."

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Another said: "At the present time, it’s the best meat restaurant in London."

They added: "It’s not a cheap experience, but all London’s restaurants are overpriced."

London’s Nusr-Et has previously caused a stir with previous customers alleging they were turned away at the door despite having a pre-booked reservation, while others were told they had half an hour to finish their food in the middle of their meal.

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