Saharan dust warning as temperatures set to soar to 15C following big freeze

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The UK's changeable climate is set to lurch from Arctic freezes and rain warnings to warm weather and Saharan dust.

That's the latest news from the Met Office which warns of deposits of North African sand possible on cars due to the phenomenon known as the Harmattan season.

Between November and March each year, winds from the desert whip up dust clouds that cover West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

However, the path of the cloud looks set to bring warm winds to the UK sending temperatures soaring to a relatively balmy 14-15C reports the Mirror.

Wet weather warnings in place for large parts of the country will make way for drizzle then warmer weather but a rain warning for southwest Scotland on Tuesday and Wednesday remains.

"For many of us Sunday will be drier than Saturday but there will still be some rain around and in the southeast especially it will be feeling very mild," a Met Office spokesman said.

"A quite damp and cloudy start in southern and central parts of the UK. Elsewhere, sunshine from the word go.

"There are still some showers across the northwestern parts of Scotland and these may extend into Northern Ireland at times too.

"But for many northern areas certainly a drier and sunnier afternoon compared to Saturday. In the afternoon sunshine will return in southeastern areas and East Anglia."

Temperatures are set to peak on Wednesday with a swathe of England hitting between 14 and 15C and that promise of dust affecting some areas.

The cloud affected Senegal's capital Dakar earlier this week prompting the country's government to issue health warnings as it left the city coated in dust.

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It affected Paris's skyline earlier this month, leaving the city bathed in an orange-brown glow and has made its way to the UK before, coating vehicles and prompting warnings of reduced air quality.



Mostly bright across some southeastern and northern areas, while central and southwestern England and southeast Wales are cloudier with rain and drizzle.

Parts of northwest UK windy with sunny intervals and showers. Mild, very mild in southeast, mostly less windy.


Patchy rain and drizzle England and southeast Wales. Drier in southeast and northern areas, a few fog patches and a touch of frost in north. Showery and windy in northwest.


Rain in southern UK edging east and fading. Brighter in north after any fog clears, though the northwest stays showery and breezy. Mild for most, especially in southeast corner.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Windy with rain then showers in the north and west. Drier with some sunshine in the south and east. Mild, especially so in the southeast.

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