Ryanair cancels 102 flights as pilots strike – check to see cancellations

This weekend, a total of 102 Ryanair flights will be cancelled at Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Belgium due to strikes. Ryanair pilots are taking industrial action over the weekend of July 15 and 16 as they demand higher wages and better working conditions.

On Saturday, 54 flights to and from Charleroi airport will be cancelled, and on Sunday, 48 return flights are scheduled to be cancelled.

Charleroi airport is asking passengers whose flights have been cancelled not to turn up to catch their flights. 

It is important to note no flights will be cancelled at Brussels Airport, where the low-cost carrier no longer has a base. The few routes operated by Ryanair that pass through the airport do not employ pilots based in Belgium and will therefore not be affected by the strike.

The strike is called by two trade unions, CNE and ACV Puls, along with the pilots’ union Beca. The decision follows Ryanair’s alleged intention to cancel an agreement on working hours and rest for its pilots in Belgium.

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Since the onset of the pandemic pilots’ salaries were reduced by 20 per cent during the Coronavirus pandemic and have remained at the same level ever since.

Recent negotiations with the airline’s management have not led to an outcome, and therefore 80 per cent of pilots will join the industrial action this weekend.

Unions have expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to passengers: “We apologise in advance to passengers planning to travel with Ryanair between now and October 2024 who may be affected by these strikes. But we can no longer allow Ryanair to violate the basic principles of Belgian social dialogue.”

Passengers are advised to stay updated with the latest information and flight schedules on the Ryanair website and the airport authorities. 

Meanwhile, Ryanair has assured that 60 per cent of its flights to and from Belgium will operate normally.

In a statement, Ryanair said: “While over 60 per cent of Ryanair flights to/from Belgium will operate as scheduled on Sat 15/Sun 16 July, we have regrettably been forced to cancel a small number of flights to/from Charleroi due to a strike by a small number of Belgium-based pilots.”

It added: “All affected customers have been notified and advised of their options to transfer their flights to Thurs/Fri or Mon/Tues or receive a full refund if they wish to cancel their travel plans. Ryanair regrets any inconvenience caused to a small number of our Belgian passengers on Sat/Sun by this unnecessary pilot strike.

“Ryanair’s Belgian pilots and their union have been offered a similar pay increase to that recently agreed with pilot unions in other European countries. These unnecessary strikes will only cost our Belgian pilots lost pay when there is already a generous pay increase available to them and their union.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

Check to see if your flight has been cancelled below:

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27 cancellations for Saturday 15/07 (departure from Charleroi):

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  • 6:25am to Lodz
  • 6:30am to Gerona
  • 6:30am to Marseille
  • 6:45am to Valencia
  • 6:50am to Warsaw
  • 7:05am to Nîmes/Arles
  • 7:30am to Bordeaux Merignac
  • 7:45am to Naples
  • 7:50am to Lisbon
  • 8:05am to Venice Treviso
  • 10:15am to Rabat/Sale
  • 11:05am to Rijeka
  • 11:10am to Carcassonne
  • 11:30am to Banja Luka
  • 11:40am to Asturias/Oviedo
  • 11:45am to Pisa
  • 12:20pm to Ancona
  • 1:25pm to Turin Caselle
  • 2:50pm to Bergerac
  • 2:55pm to Rome Ciampino
  • 3:55pm to Lisbon
  • 4:40pm to Nador
  • 4:45pm to Stockholm/Arlanda
  • 4:50pm to Bucharest/Otopeni
  • 5:50pm to Poznan-Lawica
  • 6:40pm to Gerona
  • 6:50pm to Pula

27 cancellations for Saturday 15/07 (arriving at Charleroi):

  • 10:15am from Marseille
  • 10:40am from Lodz
  • 10:45am from Nîmes/Arles
  • 10:45am from Gerona
  • 11:10am from Bordeaux Merignac
  • 11:15am from Warsaw
  • 11:40am from Venice Treviso
  • 11:50am from Valencia
  • 12:50am from Naples
  • 13:45pm from Lisbon
  • 14:30pm from Rome Ciampino
  • 15:00pm from Carcassonne
  • 15:05pm from Rijeka
  • 15:35pm from Pisa
  • 15:50pm from Banja Luka
  • 16:05pm from Asturias/Oviedo
  • 16:35pm from Ancona
  • 16:55pm from Turin Caselle
  • 17:00pm from Rabat/Sale
  • 18:15pm from Bergerac
  • 21:40pm from Poznan- Lawica
  • 21:50pm from Lisbon
  • 21:55pm from Stockholm/Arlanda
  • 22:50pm from Pula
  • 22:55pm from Bucarest – Otopeni
  • 22:55pm from Gerona
  • 22:55pm from Nador

24 cancellations for Sunday 16/07 (departure from Charleroi):

  • 6:30am to Liverpool
  • 6:35am to Turin Caselle
  • 6:40am to Essaouira
  • 6:55am to Nîmes/Arles
  • 7:30am to Ibiza
  • 7:30am to Tangiers
  • 7:50am to Lamezia
  • 10:10am to Iazi
  • 10:30am to Genoa
  • 11:00am to Riga
  • 12:40pm to Mahon Menorca
  • 12.55pm to Prague/Praha
  • 13:10pm to Reus
  • 13:15pm to Brive – Valée de la Dordogne
  • 13:55pm to Toulouse Blagnac
  • 14:40pm to Rodez
  • 15:55pm to Oujda
  • 16:05 to Fez
  • 16:35 to Bari
  • 17:00pm to Corfu
  • 17:05pm to Almeria
  • 17:55pm to Pescara
  • 18:05pm to Gerona
  • 18:35pm to Santander

24 cancellations for Sunday 16/07 (arrival at Charleroi):

  • 9:45am from Liverpool
  • 10:05am from Turin Caselle
  • 10:35am from Nîmes/Arles
  • 12:50pm from Ibiza
  • 13:30pm from Lamezia
  • 14:00pm from Tangiers
  • 14:10pm from Genoa
  • 14:15pm from Essaouira
  • 16:10pm from Prague/Praha
  • 16:10pm from Iasi
  • 16:15pm from Riga
  • 16:40pm from Brive – Valée de la Dordogne
  • 17:30pm from Mahon Menorca
  • 17:40pm from Reus
  • 17:45pm from Toulouse Blagnac
  • 18:10pm from Rodez
  • 19:40pm from Bari
  • 22:15pm from Oujda
  • 22:25pm from Pescara
  • 22:30pm from Gerona
  • 22:40pm from Fez
  • 22:45pm from Santander
  • 22:55pm from Corfu
  • 22:55pm from Almeria

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