Russian soldiers tortured man to death with blowtorch, widow says

The body of a Ukrainian man was found tortured and left completely unrecognisable after Russian soldiers allegedly tortured the man to death.

Horrific reports of a man being found tied and mutilated were heard after 27-year-old Vadim Postolyuk was found dead in the village of Poliske, near Kyiv.

Postolyuk's widow Tatiana has said her husband's legs were burned "like a blowtorch" in a sickening attack carried out by invading Russian forces.

An account from Tatiana and Postolyuk's family say the 27-year-old had travelled to Ragivka to pick up his sister and nephew, with relatives concerned about their safety just a day before Russian forces attacked.

Postolyuk was unable to leave when Russian forces occupied Ragivka, with the 27-year-old remaining in the town for a month until an evacuation process was launched.

Tatiana says that 16 people were evacuated from the town but her husband had been missing from the convoy of evacuated Ukrainians.

The widow says she held out hope for the safe return of her husband, but received a grim call from Postolyuk's sister.

Tatiana said: "On March 30, his sister called me and said that he had gone to the Zhytomyr region. I quarrelled a lot, because there was fighting. On April 4, they called me and asked 'does your husband have a silver tooth?' They found a human body and tried to identify it."

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After the false alarm on April 4, Tatiana received a call the next day after another body had been found, saying: "And on the 5th they found another body. He was fit and tall. There was practically no face."

The tortured body turned out to be Postolyuk, with his body found in Poliske, the direct opposite direction of where Ragivka residents were evacuated, MIPL reported.

Tatiana said: "I ask God and I want to believe that he was killed on March 30, not tortured all this week. They burned his legs like a blowtorch, his whole body was bruised.

"They removed the chain, took away documents, wallet, phone. Only the wedding ring remained. His hands were clasped. Maybe from pain, or tried to save the wedding ring."

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