Russian soldiers plotting to quit as all going downhill in Ukraine

Ukraine: Russian soldier reveals plan to 'go home'

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Vladimir Putin launched the partial mobilisation of Russian men last month after Moscow suffered severe losses at the hand of Ukraine’s defence forces. Reports have since been emerging from the front about the abysmal conditions conscripts have been thrown in, with some lamenting being left ill-equipped and working alongside convicts. Recordings collected by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) caught a man confessing to his wife he and other conscripted soldiers were planning to return to Russia as he warned the Russian Army “screw up here.”

The unnamed man told his wife: “Honey, I lost the connection, the commander came nearby, I couldn’t speak. Anyway, we’re planning to go home…terminating the contract.

“Us, with the boys, decided that. Anyway, I’ll tell you everything later, when I get home. You can’t say anything over the phone.

“Basically, it’s all going downhill here, f**k. The people got killed two days ago, so f****ng many young lads, for f****ng nothing.

“I don’t know when. We’ll be writing the reports today, to terminate the contract due to non-compliance with the conditions by the Russian Army.”

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He continued: “They screw up a lot here. So nothing for us to do here, that’s what we decided.

“We’re fighting for them for two months here, they haven’t even paid us a penny still.”

Ukraine has slowly but steadily been advancing across occupied territories, with military strategists suggesting Kyiv will seek to reclaim Kherson before winter forces the war into a pause.

Russia has maintained a façade of strength in the face of intelligence reports claiming rifts are emerging as more conscripts face the reality of being sent to the front with little training and little equipment.

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Ukrainian intelligence this week suggested the Russian Army had resorted to bringing in diseased men to meet the demands of the conflict.

CNN anchor Erin Burnett said: “There’s a severe shortage of human beings, a severe shortage of troops.

“The chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence is telling CNN today that Putin’s private army is now calling up prisoners who have tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV and sending them to the frontline.

“Here’s what is even more bizarre and disturbing about this, the new soldiers are wearing coloured wristbands to signify to their colleagues their disease.”

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Russia said on Saturday it suspended participation in July’s Black Sea Grain Initiative, which allowed major exporter Ukraine to ship agricultural produce, after Ukrainian attacks on ships in Crimea.

Ukraine has not officially claimed any role in the attack which saw one Russian frigate partially demage.

Moscow’s Defence Ministry on Sunday said it had recovered and analysed the wreckage of drones used in the attack, finding they were equipped with Canadian-made navigation.

Some Ukrainian officials suggested Russia itself might be responsible for the damage.

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