Russian soldier gives middle finger to Ukrainian drone before being wiped out

A Russian soldier was spotted showing a rude gesture at a Ukrainian drone before his troop was obliterated by a grenade.

The chilling footage was shared online as Ukrainian forces push back in the eastern part of the country and use a drone to spot behind enemy lines.

A group of Russian soldiers can be seen loading equipment onto an armoured vehicle while others are adjusting their helmets and getting ready for their mission.

As the drone zooms in, one Russian soldier looks up and flips a middle finger towards the camera.

The Ukrainian forces quickly respond and drop a grenade at the vehicle, which is concealed next to an abandoned building.

The vehicle erupts into flames.

Russia has now lost 30,000 troops, 1,330 tanks, 207 planes and 174 helicopters during the war, according to Ukrainian officials.

President Vladimir Putin is being forced to “conceal” the true scale of Russian losses in Ukraine to avoid the country’s citizens from accepting that they might not be winning the war, former UK foreign secretary, William Hague, has claimed.

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He said in a radio interview: "They’re very uncomfortable, and of course what they mean to him first of all is that he has to conceal them as much as possible from the Russian population, because he doesn’t want to admit that the Russian losses have been anything like that.

"Look at how he reacted – how the Russian government reacted – to the loss of the Moskva, which was to say that a fire had broken out and the seas were stormy and so on, and to not even admit that it might have been hit by the Ukrainians, which it clearly was.

"So what it means to Putin first of all is cover this up at all costs because people in Russia might realise what is going on."

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